Prescription Refill Policy

For the purpose of safety, efficiency and quality of care in managing your long term medications, we prefer to provide all refills at the time of your appointment.  Depending on your prescription drug plan, you will be given the prescription for you to take to the pharmacy yourself, or the prescription will be sent to the pharmacy electronically. Please let us know if your insurance plan allows a 90-day supply so we can write it that way.

We do not want you to run out of medication. If you are due for medication renewals we will get you in for a timely office visit to review your medical status. At each visit, you will be given enough refills of your regular medications until your next planned visit.

Please bring all prescription bottles to your office visit. We do recommend that you keep an updated list of your current medications with you at all times. Because the most accurate information is on the bottles themselves, you must bring the actual bottles to your doctor’s appointment.

Patients on chronic or long term medications must have an office visit at least once a year so that we can evaluate your condition and the effectiveness of the medication(s). Patients with diabetes will be seen at least quarterly. If a chronic medication does require a refill prior to your next office visit, please have your pharmacy contact us electronically.

Virtual Visits


When you are unable to come into our office, a virtual visit may be an option for non-urgent issues.  Please contact us for more information.

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